I am allergic to a lot of different skin care products. I mainly use Aveeno, but Aveeno is pretty pricey..

so seeing The Honest Company at Costco, I decided to try it since it is "all natural products". The first 2 days I was there, I used the rest of the Aveeno product that I had left. On the 3rd day, I started using Honest Company's sunscreen. The following day I woke up with a rash all over my neck.

This same day I had already pre-paid to go zip lining. Being as covered up as I could, I still continued using the Honest Company Sunscreen... only to find out THAT was the problem. My legs and arms were covered in this rash.

SEVERE SUN POISONING. Spent the next 7 days of my trip in the hotel room with a fever.

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Please understand that some of the most toxic substances on earth occur naturally so I wonder why that term would mean 'safe'.

Pus and phlegm also occur naturally and I don't think I'd want to put them on my skin.

Seattle, Washington, United States #1018505

I'm curious...why don't you think your skin health is worth paying for the "pricey" Aveeno? Just so you know, the term "all natural" does not mean safe or hypoallergenic for everyone using it.

Why would it? Also, when you broke out in a rash, you continued to use this product. Why did this seem like a good idea? Your experience, I'm afraid, is largely your own fault.

You didn't prepare, don't invest in a product you know works and have had positive results with, and were taken in by marketing terms that so many consumers are.

It's not the fault of the Honest Company product, I'm sure it's good and you can always take it back to Costco (you know that, right??), it just proved to irritate your skin for some reason-and I'm sure it does for many with sensitive skin-but you're much too reactive and not proactive enough. Educate yourself!


[BTW: I'm not associated with Gold Bond, either!]


Sorry you had such a bad experience... I just want to point out that just because any given product is "all natural" doesn't mean you will not have a negative reaction to it.

I too have allergies and skin sensitivity issues, and what I do whenever I try a new product, formulation, or medication, etc., is to first apply a small amount on a inconspicuous spot - my upper arm, for example. That way, should I react poorly to it, I haven't jumped in with both feet, so to speak.

(I also avoid trying anything new just before an event, so I can avoid an unfortunate experience like yours.) Again - wish you could've avoided your negative experience!

Have you tried any of the Gold Bond skin care products? My wife and I have found that not only do they cost much less than premium brands, but in many cases they work much better!

[FYI: I am in no way associated with CostCo, the Honest Company, or Aveeno, for that matter.]

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